Earth Friendly Products and being Eco-Friendly When Cleaning

10 Ways to clean Eco-Friendly while using earth-friendly products-

1- Remove all toxic products from under the kitchen sink. Such as bug spray, oven cleaners, waxes or polishes. After the time and wear and tear of the containers, the fumes linger around the kitchen. These poisons are a SEVERELY high threat to the health of young children and yourselves.

2- Don’t throw hazardous wastes or chemicals down your sink or toilets and do not dispose of them into the trashcans. Take all poisonous materials and dispose of them in an outdoor sealed facility.

3- Replace your toxic cleaning products with non-toxic, biodegradable, earth-friendly products. These products will not harm your children. Keywords to look for in poisonous cleaning products are: “ Poison, warning, caution, or danger”. Any cleaning products with those words on the label are harmful and NOT Eco-friendly.

4- Learn how to use the ingredients you have in your cabinets to clean with. You can make your own earth-friendly cleaning products from scratch. Such as vinegar or apple cider.

5- Learn if you have hard water of soft water. If you have hard water you will need to clean soap scum with detergent instead of using soap. The difference between hard water and soft water is: Hard water has mineral deposits, soft water does not.

6- Instead of constantly buying paper towels to do the job, buy sponges, rags or other reusable resources. If you do that, you can always just wash them when they get too dirty for use.

7-Look for an alternative to bleach and disinfectants, because bleach is the farthest thing from an earth-friendly product. Chlorine bleach can make cancer-causing chemicals ventilate throughout your house if used too often. Disinfectants can do the same when in direct contact with them regularly. The best way to prevent that from happening is to dilute those products with water. That way you still have the strength of them without the harsh chemicals entering your system.

8- Try to conserve your water. This is a huge problem millions of families have. Try to avoid running water unless you are catching it in a bucket or cup or other containers. If you sweep during the week instead of mopping, this will save you more water. Also. Put a tracking mat at all outdoor/indoor entrances to keep the flow of dirt and mud to a minimum so you have to mop a lot less.

9- Clean the air in your house with a good house plant. Yes, That’s right. Plants are the best earth-friendly products and have been cleaning the planet for centuries! Plants will reduce pollution in your house to keep your air cleaner and healthier. They also provide more oxygen for you to breathe!

10-Use your senses to keep the home clean. With your nose, you can smell out when something is dirty or rotten. You can feel dirt and stickiness with your hands and with your feet you can feel how clean or dirty your floors are. If you see or feel these things, don’t pass them up. Clean them while you notice them. This will keep your house always smelling a lot fresher.

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